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Netflix discount. Users could receive one month free Netflix DVD rentals and pay $10.99 thereafter, rather than $17.99 a month.

Yahoo to offer incentives for using search engine? | News.blog | CNET News.com

Hell yeah I’d take the offer of a discount with Netflix to use Yahoo to make (most of) my searches. The other examples the survey offered up were kinda cool, ad-free pages, free music downloads. I’m always a fan of incentive programs, but many places categorize them as being too slow to award the users, or the rewards are too much of a hassle to collect, or as we all experience with airmiles, just too inconvenient.

It would be nice to have a program that was relevant to the way I use the web. One thing that always irked me about those “get a free iPod” programs and similar was that most of the offers you had to sign up for, I already had (Netflix, BMG, Capitol One). And likewise when a service you’re already a customer with offers significant discounts to new members, like cell phone companies giving away a phone that you’d have to pay $100 for because you’re already a loyal customer or discount shopping codes only being eligible for your first purchase. Craziness.

Still, it’s hard to track loyalty on the web except in terms of “return visits” so something like this would set a very interesting precedent in the way sites treat their visitors. However it needs to be seamless to the websurfing experience, otherwise it will only keep the most devoted of users.

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