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iPhone: jumped the gun?

After manually updating my G1 iPhone to the new 2.0 software, it was working, but a few things were a little wonky. Some location based stuff was freezing up, my text messaging was acting funny and my bluetooth devices were...


Shut. Up!

Y’know, much as I love watching poker tourneys on tv, I really wish the commentators would shut the hell up! So annoying. Or at the least, have previous champions do it, these talking heads are just annoying.


when I look back on my ordinary life

The lesson is: save early and save often! gmail sorta crashed up my browser (it really can be a firefox killer) and I lost all the fun and wit of my post. For a moment you think, “F_ck it, I’m...


odd observations

Watching Celebrity Poker on Bravo.. from the little card cameras, Travis Tritt seems to have better looking nails than Rosie O’Donnell. I have no idea what that means.. but get a manicure if your hands have to star in the...