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Weatherwise, it’s an absolutely craptastic Friday so far. Warm, wet and humid… something I prefer in my sauna, but not in a Friday. We had a shelter in place drill earlier which translates to standing around in the hallways. We heard the building’s a/c unit shut off, which is eerie because it makes the office *dead* quiet, and then the voice came over the emergency PA system to let us know.

I was telling Jenifer that it’s a testament to the evolution of my work ethic. When I was at EPA, I loved every fire drill, gas leak drill (and the real equivalents as well) because it got me away from my desk, everything I needed was in my bag, which I carried and in some cases I lived close enough that I could walk home if it took too long, and a lot of the time it was on a nice day, so we got to sit out in the sunshine waiting for the all-clear. But here, all it does is make me think, “Damnit, I really need to finish this task!” Hurrah for being a grown-up.

I’m wigging out a little bit, as Tom, my now former manager, had his last day yesterday and co-worker Betsy is filling his position, but she’s off on vacation next week which leaves yours truly in charge. I have your standard level of office ambition, I am happy to take on more responsibility as it comes, but I never have designs on management, at least not yet. Still I’ll have to attend the management meetings and assign out tasks and remind myself that no I can not do that task myself no matter how quick it looks, it must be assigned out because I’m too busy with pseudo-manager stuff.

But that’s next week, tonight’s Poker night, the weekend plans are still up in the air, I’ve gotten a few feelers out and nothing’s set in stone, but I foresee a small group getting together to cause trouble at least one or two times this weekend, I’ve also got to do a laundry sterilization run and wash the “sick clothes pile”. In honor of the CoH/CoV announcement, I started a new Controller last night, Tiger’s Rook and then played around in beta a bit and then was up way too late playing the new toon.

mmmm, 3-day weekend

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