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Campbell’s Star Wars Ad: “Your Father”

Campbell’s latest ad for their “Made for Real Real Life” campaign features two dads giving it their best dueling Darth Vader impressions with the most apropos line from Star Wars.1 That’s gotta be the worst Vader ever… The other offering...


Rojo… Suave…

Roasted with garlic cloves in balsamic and olive oil, simmered with onions and basil becomes… And it was yummy! In other news, Absolut is for sale?! Where are those lottery winners… have I ever got a proposition for them!


doom: imminent

Sunday wasn’t all that bad, mainly stayed in house, worked on laundry and stuff. Called Joe, (someone that answered my ad) but he was out, and we ended up talking later that night. I was teetering on the verge of...