Campbell’s Star Wars Ad: “Your Father”

Campbell’s latest ad for their “Made for Real Real Life” campaign features two dads giving it their best dueling Darth Vader impressions with the most apropos line from Star Wars.1

That’s gotta be the worst Vader ever…

Campbell's Star Wars soups with the tagline Made for Real, Real Life

The other offering so far in the campaign is something many of us with or without kids could relate to: grocery shopping ahead of a snow storm.

It’s an interesting thing when I see industries that I’d think would barely have to advertise beyond the basics, like soup or cereals, actually making a push to stay within consumers’ minds. But then I think about things like those staples I use without question and just why I use those brands vs. other brands and it’s definitely because of advertising. :mrgreen:

1 Star Wars soup? That’s a thing now? Ok…

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  1. October 23, 2015

    […] Cambell’s Soup, and others have been handling this scenario very well, by which they diversify their advertising, […]

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