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finally friday: and I’m spent!

I don’t know how some people do this writing every day thing, especially those people with non-blog-related jobs, sheesh! Then again, I don’t know how I used to do it every day back in the day.* Knocking out 500 or...


blogging: 10,000 strong and growing?

Uh, wow. Back in June, I was all happy when my blog reached 10,000 visits. Much of that was friends and new repeat visitors, and it wasn’t counting that many unique hits. Sometime in the past few weeks, I passed...


stats: a Sprig for 2008

née: Sprig of Mint for 2008 Looks great from the outside, no? I need some kind of quick-release for my camera. I have it with me all the time, but I rarely take it out because I have somewhere to...