finally friday: and I’m spent!

I don’t know how some people do this writing every day thing, especially those people with non-blog-related jobs, sheesh! Then again, I don’t know how I used to do it every day back in the day.* Knocking out 500 or so words before 9am seemed so easy, I’d even do it while working on tasks at the office. Most days lately, I struggle to even think about a topic. Still, if it hadn’t been for Lisa Stansfield’s birthday on Monday, this little “alliterative week” theme wouldn’t have even occurred to me. My plan for today was to write short entries throughout the day, however not only did I not have as much time to get to it as I wanted, but the one entry I wrote this morning about Living Social’s Dollar Lunch Day was so popular that it slowed down my site at times! You DC folks do love yourselves a deal…

I’ve had the fortune before to write things with just the right content at just the right time to attract traffic, but I was bowled over by this one. To be honest, my site isn’t really that popular–either that or it’s wildly popular and I’m just in denial, but it’s probably that first option. If I manage to get 100 hits (roughly anywhere from 40-70 visitors) in a day, I’m happy. On a day I write something, that number may be more like 150 or so as opposed to 75 on an idle day.** Well… at last count, this morning’s post had nearly 1,100 views from over 950 unique visitors. I wasn’t kidding when I said DC folks love a good deal. The majority of that traffic was from google searches about Dollar Lunch Day*** of course, but I noticed a few other recently written pages getting hits too. I know that number is considered low and probably even pathetic by some of the super-blogs out there, but for me it’s a huge deal.

While I doubt this kind of magic will happen every day, it has encouraged me to get back to blogging/writing on a more regular basis. I’d let it drop off to about once every two weeks, which is hardly consistent, and my poor food blog remains completely neglected of late. I could blame the weather–and I do–because I’m more inclined to feel peppy when it’s nicer out, but frankly I let writer’s block turn into laziness and eventually the norm.

To any new readers, welcome, and to my regular readers, thanks for sticking with my lazy ass. TGIF everyone and have a great weekend! :mrgreen:

Just before hitting Publish, I noticed that I just reached 1,000 unique visitors for the day. As I can’t recall the last time that happened, I think this calls for a little celebration when I get home. I’m talking cocktails.. pitcher.. and perhaps a little Dance Central, unless someone calls for a happy hour!

* Back when I was, as a friend calls it, “internet famous”. (Heavy on the air quotes.)

** Of which I have a lot, I know…

*** For which my site was the #1 result most of the day, yay!

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3 Responses

  1. Shaw Girl says:

    I still say you’re “internet famous”. Congrats on the huge response and welcome back to regular blogging!

  2. Patrick says:

    Who are you? =P

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