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events: Rock ‘n’ Roar

The 80s never die… we just fail to admit they ever existed. Except when it comes to music and I am sorely tempted by the upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roar event at The National Zoo next month: Come hear the B-52s...


night out: The Two Towers at Wolf Trap

I really wish I’d mentioned this sooner so people would have had a chance to make plans to go. A few weeks ago, I won my company’s ticket raffle for Wolf Trap tickets to see The Lord of the Rings:...


Rockin’ the Suburbs

Ben Folds was awesome, as expected. I’d never been to Wolf Trap before, and as a venue with an “under the stars” option, it’s definitely my favorite. Not that I’d planned on it, but I’ll never go to Nissan Pavilion...