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(birthday) pimpin’ ain’t easy

A few people have asked if I have an Amazon Wish List, in fact, I have 4! Here’s a link to my profile page. Anyone should be able to access them from there, I split up the things I wanted...


preach on, white boy

Yesterday’s the show with zefrank. Good stuff. McKinney should have played some of his broadcasts instead of playing Pink’s "Dear Mr. President". Also, I think I wore out my TiVo last night replaying the massive fight scene from "Titans Together"…...


I am so smart, S-m-r-t!

Guess who, after chatting with Tom last week and mentioning/complaining/whining that he always misses Ze’s video podcast The Show, just realized that he can subscribe to that podcast in iTunes and watch it daily on his video iPod? Yeah, um,...