Men are dumb

A random AOL IM session. Maybe it’s time to get rid of AOL…

    DCwriter45: honesty,respect and compassion
    Brian Central DC: Yep
    DCwriter45: perhaps you might look those words up again.
    Brian Central DC: Sorry, have I offended you without knowing it?
    DCwriter45: don’t was all in the line of fire.
    Brian Central DC: Ok..
    DCwriter45: I have been exposed to many Embassies,diplomats,foreign I see the emrgence of young exposed to a seat..and a could nayone expect..graciousness..when taught by a box versus a formal dinner for 20?
    Brian Central DC: Seems odd that you would even need to say hello when by your words you claim to know me so well already. Take care.
    DCwriter45: but you see.. we have spoken before..
    Brian Central DC: And you use a very common AOL tactic of not letting me know that until well into a conversation. So, what was the nature of our interaction that causes you to act this way now?
    DCwriter45: no common here my boy
    DCwriter45: no need for any further conversation..enough..thank you..just letting you know is bigger than your world..and you might develope a more gracious respose to people..the BEST will always expect that
    DCwriter45: the worst..will want WAZZUP
    Brian Central DC: Some offense, abuse and a life lesson from someone that chooses to remain anonymous. Perhaps if in future you try a different greeting aside from non-sequitur quotes from someone’s profile, your arguments will carry more weight. But I doubt any embassy, diplomat, or foreign culture would teach you that. Good evening and have a good life for yourself.

Add one more to my blocked IM list…

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