Daily Archive: September 15, 2000


Men are dumb

A random AOL IM session. Maybe it’s time to get rid of AOL… DCwriter45: honesty,respect and compassionBrian Central DC: YepDCwriter45: perhaps you might look those words up again.Brian Central DC: Sorry, have I offended you without knowing it?DCwriter45: don’t worry..it...


He was only reading to see his name

Woo, weary day at work. For some reason I find little joy in baby showers and other parties, ‘cos I really do feel like we should just be working, and then having fun after hours (where we can drink, no...


I corner the market on family guilt

Captains Log: Been 28 for two days now. No change. Seriously, I’m starting to feel like birthdays aren’t much big deal, ‘cept its one of the three guaranteed times of year I talk to my brother. He called me at...