Ok, I’ve been linked and spotted now and mentioned multiple times by Lexi, so I gotta give her some love back with a link.. Maybe I should start doing a favorite blogs on the net. But who has time to browse when one is so busy doing.. not a damn thing actually. It’s gotten a bit slow lately, but it is early in the week so what can you do? In addition, someone who surfed to my site from Lexi’s has spent about 40 minutes on my webcam page. *freaky*

I got more e-mail from Michael, he wants to get together this weekend. I told him I wasn’t entirely comfortable with that, since it seems that my very presence gets him aroused. (Maybe I’m like pumpkin pie or something) I don’t want to feel like a tease, but I don’t know if I can be myself around him without inadvertently doing that.

Weird, only quarter til 7 and it feels so late. And in another 15-20 minutes it’ll feel early again and the night will slip away from me.

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