Feeling kinda broke down…

Since I’m visiting the DMV today, I thought that would be my main frustration today. Instead, this morning my PC isn’t booting up. Nothing’s changed at all, I was using it last night, but I’m really not in the mood to crack it open tonight and sort out what’s wrong. On the other hand, with all the Geek Squad horror stories, I’m much better off trying to fix it myself first. Or at least removing my drives/data before taking it in.

Once again, the DMV is polite, fast and a little mind-boggling. My how things have changed! At this rate I’ll have no excuse not to head back to the office for nearly a full day. Damn efficient DMV. I feel a little silly since I was just there for an address change, but even though they assured me I could renew online, they didn’t tell me that by changing my address since the last one was issued, I invalidated my ability to renew online! So I thought I’d need my social security card, etc. They didn’t even ask for any of that, just took my old license, checked the form, shredded it again (which is good, since I was having a fat day), gave me an eye test and took a new pic. From the time I was standing in line to the time I got my new license was maybe 30-40 minutes, barely enough time to write the first 1½ paragraphs of this post!

So… just in case I can’t bring my machine back to life, anyone got a good recommendation on a new PC? And a device for slipping in SATA harddrives? :mrgreen: Yes, it has to be a PC because I can’t give up my games… for now.

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  1. lacochran says:

    All that and you even got them to take a decent picture! Share your secret!

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