So why is it all the nice guys on AOL pop out when I’m home from work for the day? I mean I sit on it some evenings and get so angry with the attitudes of guys that I want to cancel the service. And then when I just have it up, practically as a screen saver while I’m cleaning up, these IMs from these seemingly genuinely nice guys start coming through. I mean this one guy and I talked about his recent trip to Georgia for about 20 minutes before he finally asked if he was being too forward asking for my picture! (?!?) Another one and I talked about the Verizon situation, since he’s waiting on a phone connection appointment today, then before he leaves, gives me his new number and says ‘I’d like you to be the first one to use it.’

So if the freaks come out at night, then I suppose the opposite must be true. In any case, I gotta find a way to get AOL from the office. I’m in shock.

Side Note: Cool site, AtomFilms. I love it.

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