Yes We Ca-zzzz…

Adams Morgan - 11/4/08 23:48

I’m working on about 3 or so hours sleep, the celebrations didn’t die down for quite a while on the street outside. Not that I’m complaining, but I am having a hard time deciding whether today in the office will be more or less productive than yesterday. I didn’t pick up a Post and now probably wouldn’t be able to find one even if I wanted to. I will blame it on the lack of sleep instead of my innate cynicism, but the “broken record” conversations around the office this morning are starting to work my nerves. So I slipped my headphones on and started surfing.

I found this image in a few spots, some had placed it in a “De/Motivators” type frame, others just had it posted. I prefer it on its own. Some other stuff I found on the intarwebz this morning:

I’m gonna have more coffee and try and fake-awake through the rest of the day. I’m looking forward to reading up on everyone’s election night experiences, so go blog ’em! :mrgreen:

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