still not doin’ it

Ok, now I’ve finally figured out why all the chest shaving occurs. I’m wearing a white pullover shirt today that looks horrible unless you’re not wearing anything else underneath it. EXCEPT that my hairy nipple region can sort of be seen when it falls close to my chest. Now this is just a theory in its early stages, but I think I’m onto something.

I need money, dear gods above I need money. I just noticed that the lug nut cover on one of my wheels is gone. No clue where it went or when I lost it. I’m not one of those neurotic males that checks out every point on his car when he goes anywhere. Though have an 11 year old car could have something to do with that. So I’d like to get a new car. Need a new hard drive for the computer. Gotta pay bills. Rent will decimate me. If not for eBay selling, I’d be totally broke. Things are just going to be strained for a while. I just hope I can get enough food to survive on in the meantime. This is crazy, I don’t know where the money’s gone to, but hey, ya roll with the punches. More importantly, I’m not going to be like my brother and just call home. I can deal with it for a little while, and I get paid soon enough. But it will be a rough 8-9 days until then. No going out, no “nice” meals. Potentially no dates. Not as if that’s a worry anyway. And even when I do get paid, a lot of it will get sunk into paying my bills. Probably no new hard drive for a little while. But as long as the webcam is working, I guess it’s ok, in that if nothing else breaks, my sanity will maintain it’s hold.

I need to re-do my awards page as someone’s just given me another one and I still have an older one that I never put up. Plus I finally did all my t-shirts and coffee mugs and mousepads, etc, so I can officially start selling them (not like anyone would want them, but hey, ya never know, maybe I’ll start running contests).

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