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Ok, Dave Matthews is pretty sexy. Actually I’ve always thought he was sexy though. I just have this weird thing where I rarely lust after celebrities that are (so far as anyone knows) heterosexual. I just can’t do it, like there’s a barrier or something there that even if we were the last two men on earth… no chance. It’s not like being attracted to George Michael (which I’m not) or Rudy Galindo (again, not) or even Ricky Martin (well… no comment), ‘cos at the least you know you got a shot. It may be easier to win the lottery, but still it’s a chance.

My weekend was pretty pathetic, but that’s life I guess. I’m trying to sort some things out in my head, I guess, and I’ve got to get pumped up for Vegas, really I do. I’m going to have fun, damnit. I guess I was just on AOL too much this weekend. Plus more issues about friends versus acquaintances were floating about my brain.

Chris was in a motorcycle accident, and needed me to bring him a bandage to wrap his arm and an arm sling. So I did, naturally, and he was so grateful. This doesn’t sound abnormal, I know, but it wasn’t like hearing the usual “thanks” I get when I do things. It made me wonder if I’m being taken for granted by some people. Which would be a bad thing, since that’s what my job is for. I still think I need more friends/options, so that I didn’t have to spend the majority of the weekend inside and alone.

I also should never get on a scale when I’m going to be on my own all weekend. I was annihilated, so we’ll see what I can do this week to eat like a bird (with its beak wired shut), and maybe shed SOME weight before I go to Vegas. And when I get back, definitely looking into a TENS unit for weight loss and possible muscle toning. Yes, it’s the lazy way out, but I’m not trying to join some gym to be grifted of even more money.

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