don’t piss on my leg

I need more friends. ’nuff said.

Not that the ones I have are bad, but I need more ‘options’ so to speak, or at least to learn enjoying doing things by myself. I thought a friend and I were supposed to have plans last night, but I called him and didn’t hear back, at all. Find out today he went to another person’s place for dinner and then drinking afterward. Not that I ever want to intrude on someone else’s plans, but it would have been nice to know that I was wasting my time calling him and then waiting to hear back. And I don’t want to be a bitch about it, but if I call, at the LEAST drop me a line when you get back in, rather than let it hang forever, since I know that most of my friends would be pissed if I didn’t return their calls.

Well I’m off to lunch with a friend shortly, but the rest of this weekend looks fairly bleak. They’re expecting snow tomorrow and possibly up to a foot of it, so dunno if I’ll make it to work. But I’ll be damned if I’m missing the Vegas trip. I just wish I was more enthusiastic about it. I should get to the store too, but I’m afraid they’ll be mobbed with morons trying to get the last milk and toilet paper off the shelves.

Ah well…

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