i tried to be nice

I really did. I got e-mail from dreamhost advising that my bandwidth for this monthly cycle is about to go over my allotment, so I’ve taken my webcams down, and perhaps in the future I will have to start being nastier in my efforts. But I have tried to be nice about it, I don’t do the pop up thing, I don’t have naked boy badpuppy ad banners all over my site. But even then, people ignore, or they won’t click, they just look at the camera. I dunno what to do, I don’t want to force people to pay to look at the camera, but I worked out, that if I’d only gotten 5 cents everytime someone opened my page, that would pay for almost 2 months of my hosting bills.

Regardless, had a decent weekend. Friday was sedate, as usual, but Farscape was good. Saturday ended up having lunch with John and then heading to the zoo. Those pandas are adorable! And Sat evening dinner with Chris, almost saw a movie, but ended up finishing too late to catch anything nearby. Sunday Chris brought lunch over and we watched a movie, nothing major, pretty quite weekend overall. Played a bit of Diablo 2, lounged around, took care of chores, the usual.

Nothing much else happening lately…

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