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I upgraded my Jaguar to a Panther on the Mac yesterday, it was a very calming upgrade (as I now insist all my OS upgrades be), I poured a glass of iced tea, got the chips and salsa and watched the Ab Fab Christmas Special on the PC while the Mac did its thing.
I’m finding it annoying that I have to reinstall a lot of the USB drivers, but I guess Apple never did play TOO well with USB in the first place. So much so that if I have an un-drivered device connected on startup, the Finder won’t even load.
But it’s much nicer to work with and naturally prettier. My iPod is playing so well with the Mac, it’s crazy. But I really do have to go through my mp3 library and archive some files to cd/dvd, then decide how I’m going to have the iPod mirror it all.

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