People… slow… down… I nearly got decapitated by an incoming clipboard on the elevator. The clipboard was attached to a man who backed up and apologized profusely, but still brushed past me, lest the elevator doors close before he could get inside. What’s the deal? I see the same thing everyday and at times am caught up in it on the Metro. Generally if you’re trying to catch a train that you fear may be leaving, or transferring trains, you tend to move quickly, but some people have forgotten the rules of human to human respect. I honestly feel sorry for tourists who grace our city and wonder if perhaps they haven’t stumbled through a space-warp to New York instead, once they try to use public transportation. I mainly speak of incidents where people burst out of trains at a dead run, sail down escalators (against posted warnings) not so they can catch a train about to leave, but so they can get to their spot on the platform. People do this all the time, apparently its not enough to be on the train and get to your destination, but you have to be positioned to do so, so that when you exit the train, you’ll be only a few steps away from the escalator or stairs or exit, and anyone who tries to get in your way be damned! And this also includes blocking the doorway of the train, even at stations where you aren’t getting out, but you have to be near the door in 6 stations or so. But I digress… slowly.

Today’s an ok day for the most part, breakfast with Joey was fun, but greasy. I don’t know that I can do Reeve’s for breakfast very often, otherwise today’s been the usual firefighting, miracle working and now it’s gotten to clock-watching. I think we all have that point in a day, on those jobs that are stressful, but not otherwise too taxing, where you’ll look up at the clock and say, for example, “Oh my, it’s 11 already?! I’ve been here for 5 hours!”, however from the moment you look up and realize that one thing, the rest of the day just drags like molasses. Today I’m lucky, my “Oh my” moment came just a moment ago, so I’ve only got another 2 hrs or so to be here before I head home. Just have to make it through the Staff Meeting. *yuck*

Ah well, that won’t last forever, and I’ll probably stop by Marshalls on the way home and see about buying something or other for the trip. So far I haven’t gotten any new clothes for it. And I could use some luggage as well, but I should be ok with what I have, I hope.

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