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It’s an awful thing to have a moment where your age, no matter what number, truly descends upon you. One of those happened on Friday (I still have to figure out why I don’t write more on the weekends). I decided that I would head to Williams Sonoma and take advantage of their sale. Shawn came along and we went around, and I like to frequent The Body Shop. Anyway, they had a cologne fragrance (activist) that I loved, and lately its been discontinued. That’s a big ol’ bummer, ‘cos it means that just one more thing that I personally love is considered “unhip” in a manner of speaking. Following that, I headed to Trade Secret to get the shampoo/conditioner that I like (American Crew), and they had a big sale on that too. It made me pray that it wasn’t on the chopping block as well. Otherwise the afternoon was pretty non-noteworthy, aside from Shawn’s becoming a small dose person, and I dunno how I feel about that. Oh yeah, bought a cherry pitter at Williams Sonoma, that then broke on Saturday, but more about that below.

Saturday was slow, slow, slow. But I got up the nerve to head out shopping for essentials at CVS, ended up bumper-bumping a big ol’ truck, but thankfully no one saw it, and there was no harm done, otherwise I’d have had to go store to store to find the person and inform them. (because that’s the kind of sap I am) Anyway while I was there I decided to grab a few movies at Blockbuster Video and some snacks from the store as well as dinner. Ok, Rainier Cherries, are to DIE for. Just a note. Anyway, I picked up Miss Congeniality, and Unbreakable, both good films. Watched Miss C on Saturday and nearly cried laughing, it was so good in parts. Then I just puttered around the house, read a little and ended the evening watching PBS, as is my usual Saturday. Oh yeah, the cherry pitter broke after maybe 10 cherries or so my Sunday plan was to take it back to WS.

Sunday I was really good. Got up early, drove to the mall in the rain and was ready to return my pitter. Unfortunately I was an hour early for the mall. *duh* Like I was supposed to know they open at 11 on Sundays. Anyway, I exchanged it and then headed across the road for the more discount shopping at Linens N Things and Marshalls. I picked up some non-stick pans (I’m now in love with non-stick cookware), and socks (exciting!) and other little knick-knacks, but for the most part Sunday was sedate. Watched Unbreakable, and wasn’t all that impressed. I mean it was good, and the surprise ending was a surprise, but overall.. *meh*

So far this week, having breakfast with Joey since he’s in town, dinner with John, and Chris will probably pop out of the woodwork with the whole “I wanna see you before you leave town” thing. Then I’m off to RI to visit Al for a week. 🙂

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