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I sometimes wonder if I’ve got it wrong about how to meet friends. While online this weekend, this guy I’ve sort of chatted with before, invites me over to spend some time in his hot tub, “No sexpectations” he says, but I’m sorry, I’m totally skeptical about that. I mean I resonate to when people say “You seem like a nice guy and I’d enjoy meeting you,” but damn, how about suggesting lunch or something along those lines? There are times I wish I could be back in school, or be 22 again, it was easy then. You were put around all these people you didn’t know and practically forced to make some friends out of them to survive. Plus I enjoyed going out and partying more, and somehow I knew how to party and meet people without assuming everyone as a potential sex partner or boyfriend. Admittedly my circle of friends was much more mixed, so that every guy I met wasn’t gay, but still.

Maybe that’s why I bought into the lottery fever, it’d be nice to have a life that was already paid for. I could do what I want without working. I honestly don’t need a lot of money, but enough so that it makes enough on its own for me and I can just have a good time, be that travel, or school, or just buying a nice house somewhere and finally learning how to garden.

I got one of those cards in the mail the other day, “Your next rent check could get you a new house!” I was finally tempted to call and see what’s what. I think its time I make a change of some kind. I cut out caffiene, and I suffered for it this weekend, but I seem to be over it. I guess with all the stress and life lately I was drinking too much of it ‘cos I’ve never had that problem before, but the headaches and withdrawal appear to be gone now. I could always switch to decaf at the office, I suppose. It’d just mean anyone trying to nab a cup from me would be screwed since they’ve proven that if I’m out, they don’t make coffee with my machine. Which is fine, I guess, but I don’t like hearing “You were out, there was no coffee…” Whatever!

Lindsay called yesterday and we had a nice chat. She’s moving soon and is surrounded by boxes, and has no major immediate stresses in her life (aside from the moving, which I’ve found you get very zen about after a while) and when that happens, we usually have good chats. She and I agreed that I need a non-obligatory vacation. A place I go, with friends, and there’s no meeting a man there, no “we met in Vegas”es, just plain and good fun. My first choice, always Disney, or maybe a cruise. Just something different. Once I have the money for it, that is.

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