damn damn damn

I can be a slightly paranoid person at times, we all can be. But I have one behavior that I’ll never stop doing, only ‘cos days like today reinforce it. I’ll be at work, on the metro, even in my car, and I do a keys & wallet check. At times in my car it takes me a moment to realize that the keys are in the ignition. But today I felt I was running late, I grabbed my keys and dashed. Not realizing until I got to the metro station that my wallet was still at home. Thankfully I usually carry around enough change to finance a small country, so I can buy metrofare and pay parking this afternoon, but this just means that I’ll be checking my ass all the more. Especially when I go out of town this weekend. Plus it means that the shopping trip to Hecht’s and Filene’s are off. The CVS run I had planned will have to wait until *after* I get home. *blegh*

I’m such a doofus sometimes.

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