gadgets: Meat packing made easy!

Meat Packing Party!

Have I mentioned how much I love my Reynolds Handi-Vac yet? $10 at Target plus average cost for quart and gallon bags and I haven’t had bulk meat or produce go bad on me in months. Recent efforts are vastly improved from my first home meat packing experience. Not that pressing out as much air as you can on your own doesn’t work, but even with those Ziploc Freeze Guard bags (which I think they’ve since replaced), I still saw a bit of ice crystals and some freezer burn.

I always wanted a vacuum sealer at home, but most of the countertop models were just too large and didn’t hide away easily. The Handi-Vac tucks away nicely in a drawer when not in use, I love it. And I can also use it to help infuse a marinade into meat before cooking. The vacuum wand has a channel that lets any liquid it happens to suck out flow away from the nozzle and is removed for easy cleaning. Being able to freeze and then soak/season meat in the same bag definitely cuts down on my counter clutter when I’m planning a big meal.

I was never much of a Costco fan because of the quantities it left you with and the lack of selection for various things (yes, I prefer angel hair over thin spaghetti, what of it?) more than the prices. I did like their meat selection and cost but it was still a pain to get through using it all before it spoiled. Taking away the fear of freezer burn makes Costco seem attractive again. Then I remember all the other bad things about it and I still think… maybe not.

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4 Responses

  1. lacochran says:

    Looks pretty handy. Do you reuse the bags? Are the bags pricey?

  2. brian says:

    @lacochran: When I seal up veggies or herbs, I may reuse the bag, but not with meaty juicy items. 🙂 I have taken a single piece out of a bag with frozen meat in it and then re-vac’d it to keep the other stuff frozen, but in general these haven’t replaced my usual quart size ziploc bags.

  3. shindo says:

    That looks cool. Can you cook sous-vide with these bags?

  4. pyack says:

    reynolds food vac is foodie pr0n

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