cold, cold, cold

Ok, it is getting into serious SNUGGLE weather now. I tried to win the war of central heating and lost. I folded faster than a room full of non-profit volunteers, though I still keep it at 70 degrees, which means I still have to bundle up, but hopefully that won’t throw me overboard on heating costs. It wasn’t too bad a weekend, actually, though I spent a lot of it alone. Some of which was a sort of test… of myself, maybe of my friends. To see 1. what I’d do on my own, and 2. if anyone would call me to do something. The latter didn’t really happen. But I managed it on my own. I didn’t really leave the house too much, I picked up some videos on Saturday, played some games, read a little, cleaned up a little and just bummed around. I was online a lot, probably too much, but my resolution against hooking up was maintained, regardless of the number of offers I got. It’s just not worth it. It’s sort of like a drug. Probably more like one than I realize, but it’s a heavy work, light payoff venture. In that you see people online for hours, sometimes all day, looking for a hookup. Maybe they get some, maybe they don’t. But you see them online again, the very next day, working the chat rooms. So let’s balance this. Being generous we’ll say 10 hours of online time vs. 1-2 hours (that’s really generous) sex with a trick that you might find. I think I’d rather be spending those 10 hours wrapped up in a blanket on the couch with a book, or out in a museum, or taking care of chores. Something that actually matters.

As I said, I picked up some videos. I got Spy Kids, Heartbreakers and Hannibal. Very pleased with all 3 choices, I think I’m going to have to start getting movies more often, even in the middle of the week, just to treat myself to dinner and a movie from time to time. There are so many movies out there that I never saw, mainly ‘cos when I would ask friends about the films, they’d already gone to see them with other friends. And somehow the offer of “But I’d go see it again with you” just feels too much like pity to me. Maybe I’m just too proud for my own good, dunno.

I’m giving the personal ads one more try before it gets really chilly outside. As I said, it’s snuggle weather, and while I’m not above watching movies on my own, I’d much rather do it with someone else there. Besides, with the way I cook, having someone else around is just a good way to ensure there are no leftovers!

I can’t think of much that went on this weekend that really upset me. I did talk to Chris last night and let him know that I’d taped Buffy. So what does he do? He tells me that I can drop the tape off anytime… Now maybe I missed a meeting here, but when someone does something for me, I never have the nerve to tell them that they can come to me (out of their way or not) to bring it, unless that was part of the plan from the start. So I told him I might have dinner plans tonight (which is true, I’m planning on making myself some dinner). I’m just curious if he’ll realize how much of a fuckup it would be for him to try to get around coming over and getting his tape. Ah well, Chris has moved off the “friends” list and onto the “acquaintances” one for now.

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