… soopa-freaky …

I dunno what kinda mood I got into, M came over for the usual Star Trek Weds nights and I just wasn’t in a big mood for it, then Star Trek turned out to be a rerun. He made a few comments that rubbed me the wrong way I guess, one called attention to the fact that everyone’s havin’ sex but me, it seems. “Nuttin’ but ruttin’,” so to speak.

It may (may?) be that since he and I had a casual sexual thing happening for a while that I get weirded out that he’s now being casual with someone else. Especially since the last time we had a sort of loose rule that you don’t talk about what you do with other guys. Or perhaps this signifies the end of casual stuff between us. I don’t know. There are times when he’s not “on the ball” about things, so may not realize that in general I don’t discuss sexual encounters unless its for an intellectual or educational necessity.

Maybe I’ll get some responses to my ad. Maybe I’ll just find someone and we can screw like minks all day long. *eh*

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