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… this moment …

Talked to good friend L last night for a few hours, reminiscing and catching up on where we are in our lives, talking about living alone and how to do it without going insane, or just feeling like you are. It was a good conversation though.

I tried making a chocolate cake that was *eh*. it turned out ok, but I used too much butter in the custard pan, so it was on the oily side. Gotta work on that.

I stepped on the scale this morning… 190.5. So its nice to know that my body has decided upon a nice little plateau and it ain’t budging until I get off my ass and do more walking than from my door to my car. Perhaps more dancing nights out? I also bit the bullet and put another ad in the Blade, kinda kitchy this one ‘Check and Mate’ the title of it. We’ll see who, if anyone responds and if perhaps I’ll actually have something to do, or at least someone to go shopping with.

I put a halt on the apartment hunting for a while. It was stressing me out, needlessly and I really don’t need that. I’m trying to do more constructive things. Cleaning the apartment up, tidying up my finances, things like that. And doing more odd craft-type things. I went out and bought that printable iron-on transfer paper and used this

for the design in different sizes and experimented on my pair of “bum around jeans”. It doesn’t look half bad, but the fringe of the paper isn’t all that great for darker fabrics. Though in searching, I found that there is a kind for darker fabrics, so perhaps we’ll try that sometime. This could be really fun though. I was never much into the iron on transfer stuff when I was a kid, but being able to make my own designs is quite another matter.

I’ve still got to get started on x-mas shopping. I don’t know what anyone in the family wants, but I’ve put the stop on spending on myself for the time being until I do figure out what it is that I’m buying them. Usually I don’t shop for myself until after the holidays anyway. *SALES!! cha-ching!*

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