good little cog

… good little cog …

God I hate this place sometimes. Though considering that used to be all the time, I think I’m getting better. My latest banes are (supposedly) time-sensitive projects that must get done ASAP, yet once the person has handed the work over to you, they vanish to go slack off someplace. The office I work has a crappy logo, that everyone loves. For 3 years they’ve wanted to use the logo in various projects, and I always ask for the original copy of the logo so that we can stop working from second-thid-fourth hand copies. No one knows where the original is, “But could you just work from this scan of a photocopy of a kinda faded version I have here?”

Similar working relationships
Contractor Hooker Field Slave
Gov’t Liaison Pimp Slave Trader
Contracting Company House Slave
Client John “Massa”/”Boss”

Doesn’t it sound like FUN!? I think its the demeaning part of things that gets to you so often. You want to come into work and think “I’m a professional, people value my professional opinion based on my years of experience!” and what you’re faced with is, “I do what I’m told to do, regardless of whether its the best way to do it. I just get it done, so that its finished by the time they give me more shit to do.”

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