going to turn 31 soon

31… I’m going to turn 31 soon.. *bleh*

The city was particularly fragrant this morning, however having every smoking power-walker in front of me wasn’t much help. It was like a pedestrian drag-race for me to get around these people and their smoke.

Christopher and I have gotten together nearly every night this week: Tuesday to watch the Bravo shows, Boy meets Boy, which I can’t get into as it’s yet another ‘I’m going to try and find love.. on national television’ it also reeks a little too much of the situation I was in with Christopher, so it ain’t my favorite. I do enjoy Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, though I think its getting a little campy and less pertinent. A lot of their tips are collected from old issues of Details and Esquire, but I guess it’s entertaining. Wednesday we had a drink or two at Titan and played pool, met a very nice lesbian couple, and played pool with them, and Christopher learned that abandoning me as a pool partner is an unwise move. It was cute as it was the first time I’ve been asked by a total stranger “How did you two meet?”

My money situation isn’t bleak at the moment, but it certainly is “responsible”. Responsibility sucks. It would certainly be nice to go away someplace, especially for the holiday weekend, but due to me being all good and detailed about payments, then factoring in rent and bills, I’m a little more strapped than I thought I would be. It’s been ages since I’ve “gone away” with someone, so I’m definitely looking forward to a trip with Christopher, I just have to get the money happening at the right time so I can enjoy myself without feeling like I’m overextending things.

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