happy new work year!

… happy new work year! …

So returning to the office hasn’t been too bad. Things haven’t changed much actually. I get in and as usual, the projects that everyone had been putting to the side so that they could enjoy their holidays and office parties and shopping and their “how were your holidays?” conversations are now coming back to the forefront. So there are urgent requests galore. I’m just glad that we came back on a Wednesday, since that means 3 days to the weekend. And I may get to spend the weekend with Kevin if he’s not too busy with other things. He has the 3 days off starting Friday so I’m looking forward to spending time with him. Until now we’ve really only had the one time to be together alone, and he’s been very understanding about my friends being here.

Ok, I’ll admit it.. I like him. *rumbling of thunder in the distance* The words have been said. Considering my recent history, I’m perfectly willing to take things slowly and see where they lead, but I like the direction they’re going.

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