Still no bags.. I was telling ES in an IM earlier, one thing I need to do when I get home from a trip is unpack. I’m a pack rat by nature, so I’m terribly attached to my stuff. So this is really upsetting to me, but worse so is the way its being handled by US Air – the pilot blames employees unwilling to work overtime, but assures us our bags are being loaded… telephone baggage claims employee blames Philadelphia on a whole.. counter baggage claims agent this morning just shrugged and shrugged and when I asked her if she was comfortable with the answers she was giving me, she just shrugged again.
This whole thing has me so sore on using US Air again, including my checkcard that earns mileage and the dining program I’m in that does the same. I will have a trip report soon, but first I’m having some coffee – the real stuff – in lieu of breakfast, and trying to get back into the pace of the office. And making a list of things that I have to get at CVS so that I can feel like a human being again.

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