so sleepy

… so sleepy …

I’m not sleeping enough lately, this I know. The problem is I’m still a night owl. I may not actually DO anything with my nights, but that doesn’t mean that I want to go to bed. I try forcing myself to sleep which is bad ‘cos it makes me the lightest sleeper ever. My building has so many little knocks and pings, it could be in a car mechanic commercial. And I seem to hear everything. This is why I can never sleep with someone that snores, ‘cos when someone else is in the bed I don’t sleep very heavily, I’m too busy enjoying the feeling of them. Admittedly, if any relationship of mine had lasted long enough, I’m sure I’d have gotten used to it, but still the snorers are right out. And why is it always the people that vehemently insist they don’t snore, that sound like lumberyards once they drift off to bed?

The scale said 177 pounds yesterday, hurrah! Today it said 177.5, damnit. But still, I think I’m doing fairly well. Even with allowing myself a day to cheat here and there, usually Friday or Saturday. Next I have to work on the belly. It’s definitely gone down some, but I still won’t be going anywhere in a stretchy shirt anytime soon.

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