Just back from my lunch break, I thought I would check out the new Motorola v710 phone at the Radio Shack. I suppose I haven’t been with Verizon long enough since I don’t qualify for the “upgrade” price, but even so, I wasn’t expecting this Shack-dude to tell me the phone would cost me $520. Especially when the Verizon site lists it for $419 with no discounts. (And it’s out on ebay, etc for more and less too)
But the more I read about it, the more I’m finding that I might not want or like it. It does have Bluetooth, which is nice, but the Bluetooth is limited. Get this, if you want to transfer files/contact info, you have to have buy a USB connection kit. Basically they initially only gave the phone bluetooth to allow it to work with a wireless headset. If I can’t get it to talk to my iSync then it’s no good to me.
I know.. a cell phone company saying “do it our way or else” — Big shock.

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