great expectorations

… great expectorations …

Someone tell me when public spitting became an acceptable norm? I’m not talking for marathon runners, athletes, etc. ‘cos I myself realized the necessity this weekend after working out at the gym for just 30 minutes then jogging home. But while driving this Sunday, saw a big ol’ SUV in front me in traffic. You know the type, for all those hills and mountains you encounter on your average city commute. The driver’s side door opens, the driver leans out and spits on the street, then gets back into the car. Yuck! And I see people walking down the street do it all the time, they can’t think that’s attractive, can they?

The weekend was ok, I guess. Not terribly exciting, and kinda pissy for a little while. I sent Kev some flowers (see pic, aren’t they gorgeous?) to his store, trying to surprise him and be generally romantic, etc. They arrived… I didn’t hear anything from him, but I figured, I was at work, then the dentist, so my phone maybe didn’t pick up his call. I get home, no call. Check the tracking online, and find that the flowers arrived at 2:40 in the afternoon. So around 3 hours later he gets home and online and says ‘THANK YOU’ in an IM. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but oh it gets better. He was supposed to have a friend visiting this past weekend, so he took the weekend off. This friend was late or didn’t show up or something, I don’t know, and in talking about it, he says, “He wouldn’t be late without calling, he’s like you that way.” I jokingly ask if I should be jealous of this friend, and he says “No, just as he should not be jealous of you. I value you both equally as my friends.” *insert trombone downward scale here* So naturally I wasn’t in much of a mood to hear about how worried he was that his friend didn’t show up. I went for a walk since it was still nice outside that night and went to bed a few hours later. *eh*

Saturday was ok, still more IMs from Kev about his friend, and my sympathy waning about it. Talked with some friends and while I don’t want to admit that I’ve set my sights on yet another person that simply might not be good for me, it seems that Kevin loves the attention I give him, but is unable or unwilling to clarify how he feels about things. I’d even be fine with hearing “I don’t feel anything for you more than friendship,” but his neutral answers are only frustrating with the glimmer of hope. It’s that whole not hearing no must mean yes, philosophy, and it ends up making me feel as though I’m being played for a chump. So no more grand gestures for him. He has to know how I feel by now, if he doesn’t want to return the feelings, then I see no need to continually exhaust my resources when I’m not getting anything back from the expenditure.

Otherwise I’ve gotten some response to my personal, though nothing resulting in a phone call yet, just some back and forth e-mailing. And I’m having dinner tonight with someone else from bowling, that I’m not sure what the deal is. Whether he just wants to hang out, or whether he’s got something else in mind. Regardless I’m going to enjoy the company, and then hopefully have a good night on the lanes. Last week was really pretty bad. I bowled well, but unfortunately Michael was absent, and Monica’s performance was average. And since it was a position round, we may find ourselves in last place this week. I’m trying to be very nonchalant about the league thing, but I would think the whole point was not only to have fun, but to also improve. And I have since we started, I’m just not sure they have, in ability or attitude. But it’s all in fun, right?

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