it’s personal

… it’s personal …

I’m trying to start Spring off to a good note and place a personal ad. At least to me it says I haven’t given up hope. I just hope it doesn’t come off as being too snobby:

Culturally Oriented GBM
29, 6’1″, 175#, non-smoker. Prefers NPR over VGL, ‘romantic-minded’ over ‘straight-acting’, real life over ‘queer as folk’. ISO non-smoking GWM, 24-35. Interests: cooking, dancing, bowling, reading, music (janet to barenakedladies), film (mainstream to indie), travel.

Always hard to sum yourself in in 40 words or less, but I think I didn’t do too badly. Didn’t overuse abbreviations, which is sometimes so silly when people use them to replace a single word, ‘cos to the paper a word is a word. I like to stick to the standard ones.

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