maybe not

… maybe not …

So Ellen was hi-freakin’-larious. This weekend overall was pretty fun. I find that it’s pretty cool to NOT stay in the house all the time.

Friday night was the Lambda Sci Fi movie night, they’ve been showing the Star Wars movies every week leading up to the new movie. Basically we’ve been dishing every movie within an inch of its life and it’s brought us all together by our mutual disappointment of Lucas’ “vision.”

Saturday was a fun day, Sean came over earlier and we went bowling, didn’t do so well, but my game just wasn’t on. Then Saturday evening was the date with Mike. He came over a little late, but with flowers, so it’s all good. Dinner was really good, though I’ll know in the future not to order my tuna steak “medium”. And as I said, Ellen was absolutely wonderful. I’ve never seen her live before, but she was really great and the crowd was very engaging. She did some old material and some new stuff.

Today was the LSF meeting and it was a hard choice not to stay home and just be a bum, but I decided to get out in the fresh air anyway and be social. It was worth it. I seem to be getting over my bouts of mini-depression and just enjoying things. And since I look outside now and its raining, I made the right choice. In any case it was a good way to meet more of the club members and hear about new stuff in books and movies coming up. And afterwards I ended up having a nice conversation and metro ride with one of the guys, so the day gets an A-. Mainly due to the fact that I was sweating so much from the heat. I was trying to dress kinda sexy with a tank top and open shirt over it.. turns out it was needed just to keep me from dying from the heat.

Though its getting about time to buy some new shorts. They’re starting to fall off my waist. A good thing, sure, but thin clothes cost money!

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