highs and lows

… highs and lows …

So the day started out pretty well. I picked up a card for Jake and was going to get a gift to surprise him at work this afternoon. Got to work, went down to the food court with my coworker, not to eat myself, just for the walk. Two people who I didn’t even think knew I was alive commented on my weight loss. One rather cute and I think gay said, “Everytime I see you, you’re just getting slimmer and slimmer.” This person has never even talked to me before, don’t even know his name, nor him mine. So that was kinda nice.

The rest of the day was SLOW. We can’t use AIM at the office for the moment, so I’m stuck with e-mailing friends during the day. Met up with Sean for lunch and didn’t see anything nice for Jake, then ended up giving him a paperweight I had in the office with me.

Got back to my car. Walked through about 2 inches of rainwater and got soaked while doing it, but still got on the beltway and drove around to where Jake works, got a very surprised look and a nice hug. Apparently no one’s ever tracked him down like this. We chatted for a bit, he showed me some stuff he works on, then I got ready to go. I asked him about his weekend plans and he’s totally booked. I don’t know how since I talked to him Monday and he said he couldn’t even think about it yet, then I’ve been trying to get in touch with him all week and I had no luck. I guess I should try harder.. or give up. He hasn’t even mentioned a raincheck for the dinner that he was going to make me on Monday. So he’s got a full weekend planned, I’ve got nothing planned except for my usual, sit at home alone. He says, “I’ll try to find some time to call you.”

If I didn’t like him so much, I’d have given up. Maybe I still should.

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