da beach

… da beach …

So we made it to Rehoboth. For those of you that didn’t know, that’s where I am this weekend, though these entries might not make it back before I do ‘cos there seems to be no reception from my PDA in ReHoBo. Still we’re having a good time, already had greast pizza and went and frolicked on the gay section of the beach, though you can tell it’s one of those last weekend in the summer type weekends ‘cos the place is pretty sparse, but I think it’s better that way.

I’m not sure what the evening plans are yet. When I travel I lke to ride the fine line between plans and no plans, but still at least trying to decide what kind of what we’re going to do when, so being with people that are a little TOO footloose and fancy free can get on my nerves, but luckily Sean and I have no obligation to hang out with anyone else (not even each other) so we can have our own fun if we want to. So far I’m already hopped up on watching eye candy. Damn if I know why I don’t go to the beach more often.

Tonight will probably consist of dancing and drinking, not necessarily in that order and likely repeated in and out of that order, but hey it’s a Boys’ Weekend in Rehoboth, and Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!

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