oops i did it again

… oops i did it again …

We *meant* to go out last night, but silly me got all tipsy and made the mistake of lying down last night, and once you do that… it’s all over. So I wisely stayed in bed and told Sean that if he wanted to go out, he could drive to the club with Dan and his friends. Well they tried to call Sean and his phone doesn’t get the greatest reception out here so he missed the boat. But it’s not big deal, we’d had a long full day and a lot of fun regardless. Though today we don’t have the 3 hr drive and we’ve taken it easy, even though we found a breakfast buffet *yum-stuffed* then some shopping for souvvies and the walk back home. The place we’re staying (pictures forthcoming) is RIGHT next to the beach, so it’s like a block walk maybe to the boardwalk. Though the “gay” beach, Poodle Beach is a little further down from there, so you really have to want to swim with the “boys”.

I think my next trip to Rehoboth, fun as this is, will have to be with more people that *I* know, or that at least know each other a lot better. Since I don’t mind the “y’all do your own thing and we’ll do ours and meet up later” philosophy, but that can sometimes be really hard to coordinate with a bunch of people. Plus there are people here that I don’t know and there are still times when I’m not the most outgoing person in the world so I probably won’t meet them officially until we go out dancing later. But overall, I’m still having a very good time (for the eye candy that’s everywhere, at the least).

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