You Don’t Know My Name

UGH! Ok, advice time. There’s this guy working at Borders books. Very attractive, but from afar they always are, aren’t they? Voice not too queeny, eyes have a glimmer of intelligence. Am I stalking yet? I saw him last week, made eye contact, smiled and then turned back to look and he was looking and smiling. This today we were in the store and I didn’t have to check out, but got close enough to smile again.. and then went back in and bought some chocolates at his register. Even jumped in line, sorta.

Rob thinks I’m an idiot for not just saying hello to him. Maybe I am. I do need to pick up Lilo & Stitch for Peter, so I might stop in tomorrow and get that. Am I being stupid? Should I just say hello? Or just leave it be? What does one say in a situation like that? I guess I feel like when someone’s at work, that it’s a violation to just go up and strike a conversation. But maybe I’ll get it at a particularly dead point.

No wonder I’d rather chat with people on the internet. Much safer and easier to handle rejection.

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