Hush my darling…

Yesterday was an interesting day, I was pretty much prepared for the standard, Halloween + Friday + Being a practical Gay Holiday, yet still having no plans kind of day. There’s candy in the house, but I’m not eating it and we’re unlikely to get kids in a condo-bldg.
I cancelled my gym membership in the morning and picked up razor blades, oh yes, it was looking to be a very thrilling day and I was ready just in case I felt like converting to Krishna Consciousness. I briefly pondered following up on the INDUS interview, but I just didn’t feel like it. So I was surprised when a call came from their HR rep, telling me that they were very impressed with me and they’d like to move forward with an offer. So I may have a job again soon!
Michael came over and we went out for dinner, after a lengthy car parking search, then back here for some comedy and back out for a drink or two. The bars were packed.. but mostly with people in drag. There was one guy who’d win the poor taste costume. He had some kind of umpire or catcher’s vest with little bags of powder all over it and a sign “Treats for
Tricks”, the bags were labelled ‘Coke’ ‘Meth’ etc, he also had a bag of ‘Weed’ and a hypo with ‘Heroin’. He was an older guy as well with a lot of liquid courage in him, so he was smiling and “bumping” into a lot of guys, very annoying.
But overall, not a bad evening. I’m not sure if we’re bowling this morning or not. There have been no plans set up ahead of time, and if we’re not, I could get out and look at slacks and shirts, which I need, even without the potential job. I just have nothing to wear pants-wise to anything that might even be a step-above casual & jeans.

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