Ab Fab stars to film scenes at New York Fashion Week

What Christmas Special, you might ask? Well: Ananova – Ab Fab stars to film scenes at New York Fashion Week

Quick synopsis:

Now a buyer for a London high concept fashion store, Patsy (Joanna Lumley) takes London Fashion Week by storm and sets her sights across the Atlantic for Fashion Week in New York City. When Mother (June Whitfield), lets slip that Edina’s long lost son, Serge, has not been around the world conducting scientific experiments, but is in fact gay and living in the party capital of America, Eddie (Jennifer Saunders) decides to take a bite out of the Big Apple find her fabulously gay son as well.
In their search for Serge, Pats and Eddie meet Goldie (Whoopi Goldberg) at GUFF – Gays Uniting Friends and Family – a counseling center where they think Serge may work. Goldie mistakes Pats and Eddie for a couple wanting to get married, and in return for Serge’s address, weds the pair in a lesbian ceremony.
The decadent duo finally track down Serge (Josh Hamilton) via his flamboyant boyfriend Martin (Danny Burnstein). Working in a bookstore, Serge doesn’t conform at all to Eddie’s vision of a fabulous gay son; rather, he’s boring, like Saffy, and prefers it that way! Nevertheless, Pats and Eddie drag Serge and Martin off to fashion shows and a series of gay clubs where they see Debbie Harry sing.
Meanwhile, back in England, Bo (Mo Gaffney) and Serge’s father, Marshall (Christopher Ryan) are running a Christian TV show; Saffy (Julia Sawalha) is observing the world from inside a cupboard in an effort to help her writing career and Bubble (Jane Horrocks) is learning to become Eddie’s personal assistant.
Also appearing in the Absolutely Fabulous New York Special are Graham Norton, Rufus Wainwright and some very familiar faces from the world of fashion.

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