I’m obsessing

So I’m obsessing. I guess. About the apartment. And my lack of sentence structure. (ok, the last bit was a lie) I rarely dream about too many life events, but last night I had trouble getting to sleep, an afternoon nap probably didn’t help that, but when I finally did get to sleep I had a dream that was a cross between being at work and at school. I was in what seemed like an office, however my “co-workers” were old classmates from high school. Somewhere in the dream, someone came to me and said, “You better move on that apartment.” I didn’t know this person at all, so I chase him down through the office and he tells me, “I hear some woman offered him $3000 for the place.”

Now I didn’t wake up right away in a cold sweat, so obviously it didn’t bother me that much. But I do have to admit my nerves over finding a place that seems to be exactly what we want, where we want and that we both agree on. Since the last time it happened was in the midst of the house hunt and that fell through. (I still have a picture of the house hung up on my cubicle)

Other than the lovely apartment hunt on Saturday, the weekend was pretty average. I helped pick up Peter from the airport after his week long vacation in California, but his flight was delayed.. and delayed.. etc. About 2 hours late getting in, though we’d kept an eye on the website flight status, so Rob and I didn’t converge at the airport until about an hr or so before he arrived. Still, the next time I’m waiting on a flight, I’m bringing a book or cards or something.

Sunday I visited Joe for lunch and a nap. He naps a lot. He was going to paint his kitchen, but then realized how much work that would be, so that didn’t happen. He also pawned a few shirts and knick-knacks off on me. Some are going right into a box, others into the closet. I’m slowly coming around on the value of dry cleaners. Something about having a clean and crisp shirt through no effort of your own is rather attractive. And it would let me wear buttony type shirts more often, which is something I’d enjoy.

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