if you break up with someone via e-mail

Word to the wise, if you break up with someone via e-mail, don’t call them up the next day wondering why they might be upset. I’m almost glad that things are progressing this way as I’m now beginning to get angry with him and beginning to realize that perhaps he has some growing up to do. As David Sedaris said, “I’m not your puppet or your little trained dog”.. if he doesn’t realize that actions have consequences, more’s the pity for him.

Now he’s someone that likes being friends with his ex’s. My thinking is, you don’t date to find friends, regardless of what those personal ads in the Blade say. I’m also not one that carries on friendly terms with someone that I was developing feelings for and maybe that’s just it, I had feelings for him, he didn’t for me. We both weren’t communicating. C’est la vie.

I hate having to tell friends about this since every one of them goes through the same thing, “What happened? Are you ok? I’m so sorry.” It’s like you have to re-live the breakup every time you tell it. There should be some kind of e-card you can send out to your friends. Roses are red, violets are blue. I got dumped, now I am too or something. Ah well.

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