it’s a VERY short list

I need a sign to hang on my forehead. “From here on out, my patience will have a guest list. If you don’t think you’re on it… don’t try it.” And it’s a VERY short list. Too many people want too many things lately. People that don’t even have a right to expect things from me.

I feel like I have no “me” time. Even on occasion with my roommate. I think and anticipate things, and then give him advice, or just plain tell him how to do things. Why? Because it saves me from having to sit around later listening to him moan about how things get fucked up.

I placed a personal ad for this Friday’s paper. It’s been a while since I bothered, but we’ll see if this one brings me in contact with any nice guys. I wish I could be more hopeful. I was realizing the other evening that some of the most romantic dates/days/evenings I’ve spent in recent months have been with someone that doesn’t feel anywhere near the same way.

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