inability to breathe

So I’m walking to work and I get hit with a massive inability to breathe for almost a second, it doesn’t sound like much time I know, but being unable to do anything natural for any amount of time is pretty damn disconcerting. So this shortness of breath kinda stays with me and I’m thinking, ‘hm, when’s the last time this happened?’ The only experience I could liken it to was an anxiety attack, which I haven’t had in a long while, and it was the kind of attack I used to have when I first started going to gay clubs alone, hoping to meet up with friends there.

All I could think was “I want coffee” and I don’t know why I thought that since I’ve more or less given it up. Regardless, I didn’t want a lick of food, just coffee. I even walked into McDonald’s and was totally stumped. I had to let 3 people go ahead of me because I couldn’t get hungry about anything and I knew their coffee was for shit. (it could be argued that its no surprise I didn’t get hungry in a McDonald’s tho)

So I finally get to the office, settle in a bit, then go for coffee. Thankfully the sight of food brought my appetite back, barely and I got something to eat… along with a nice cup of coffee, not decaf, the real stuff. I have no idea what it will do to me later on, woe be unto anyone that crosses me this afternoon.

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