coldest May in 100 years

So May in DC was reported as the coldest on record in I think 100 years or so, I briefly heard it on NPR. It certainly explains the overwhelming sense of relief at looking up and seeing blue clouds in the sky after weeks of rain. I mean April was warmer than May. Freaky.

Being a credit pariah is no fun, no fun at all. My latest lovely fiasco is with Chase Manhattan (which also shares a common first name with Nicole Kidman’s character in Batman Forever). Long story short, they fucked up.

I applied for a card, mainly looking for a good balance transfer rate, and Chase seemed like a reputable bank and didn’t have the hanging stigmas that Providian and the like do, so I figured, what the heck? Turns out a few weeks later, I was approved… knock me over with a semi, however I wasn’t approved for an account that qualified for a balance transfer, so they sent a letter saying that it wouldn’t be processed. *awwwww* But still, a new card. It somewhat validates you, being seen as credit-worthy in the eyes of an evil, soulless corporate banking operation.

So the card arrives, it’s so pretty. I long ago learned that terms like Gold, Platinum and the like are meaningless since a card is a card is a card. They just give them pretty names. I imagine that one day there will be an Adamantium card to appeal to X-Men/Wolverine fans. Anyway, the card arrives and I call up to activate it so I can remove that little sticker that leaves a nice sticky residue on the card no matter how carefully you peel it away. While on the call I find out that about 85% of my credit line is already spoken for… by a balance transfer… at an outrageously high interest rate. A quick phone call to customer service reveals much ignorance and apathy and results in me being told to mail or fax a bunch of info to Chase to fix it.

So I did that today and am waiting to hear back from them. This is one of those times when you play by the rules, and still get screwed around, and get no kind of consideration at all because other people are too lazy to do their own jobs.

In other news, next weekend is Gay Pride here in DC. There really isn’t much to report except that it seems the usual events that take place during the week, informational stuff, charity auctions, etc, are all gone. This year the only decision to make will be which bar to go to on which night, and which film involving sex and pretty white gay boys you’ll go see as part of the film festival.

Hm, and it seemed to be the month for ex’s to get in touch with me. Joe sent me a note the other day to say “give me a call sometime”.

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