gorgeous outside

It’s really not fair, it’s gorgeous outside and I’m cooped up inside the office. Now I never would have known that it was nice outside if I didn’t have mail to take to the post office, since when I walked down to work it was misty/rainy and a bit cool out.

As far as a Pride Weekend goes, it went pretty well, from seeing great comedy, to hobnobbing with stars. The parade was ok, but I think the rain scared off participants, some of the groups were waving to the crowd to join them if they liked. And I really have to wonder why wo/men who’ve gone through 1/2 their transgendered surgery, to have breasts (real, full, larger than life breasts) can still be called drag queens… Certainly the dollar tips they get while “performing” can’t be enough to cover their operations. Still when they’re throwing candy to you, ya can’t really complain.

We went out Saturday night to Chaos, watched some more “drag queens” do their thing, and had a good time dancing. I met this guy J on the dancefloor, but alas due to my having guests and responsibilities the next morning, I could not bring him home with me, nor accompany him home and that may have ruined my chances of seeing him again. His loss.

Sunday morning was quite the chill-fest, but it was forecasted to get warmer, so I wore the first and so far only Abercrombie and Fitch shirt in my wardrobe.

And sure, I admit, I was feeling self-confident and cheeky and in a mood to get some attention as well as blend in to the current of trendy boys. Still I was very glad when the day started to warm up as my arms were getting really goosepimply. The LSF booth got a lot of attention, we were well placed, across from the Showtime booth with their posters up for Queer As Folk and some new show called The L Word, plus Tower Records was next to us giving out free sampler CDs, so we got a bit more overflow as people slowed to get their freebies, then paused to read the next booth. I usually stand out in front, or as Rob says, ‘stand there and look pretty,’ since I can never remember what all to tell people regarding memberships and events and the like, but I still had a good day. Also wandered around with my friends, took some pictures, got a lot of free crap, most of which has been thrown out, and of course, looked at boys, boys, and more boys!

When my feet could no longer take standing around, I rallied the troops and we headed home for a little bit of air conditioned luxury while we determined our next move. One went home, the roommate went out for lemons, and I treated them to Brian’s Homemade Lemonade. Eventually we headed out to the bar around the corner, The Green Lantern. There was a bear event happening there and my friend feels more secure around bears since he’s, in his words, ‘a big girl’. It was nice, but generally bears are more into other bears, so I didn’t really do much aside from chat with them and had a few drinks. Then later I saw this guy C with a really cute Curious George shirt on, and we started talking, turns out he saw the LSF booth, but didn’t stop by, and that he’s a sci-fi geek as well, and lives not too far from me. Numbers were exchanged, e-mail addresses were exchanged, so perhaps he’ll be making an appearance in a future episode of Brian’s So-Called Life.

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