working from home has its advantages

Working from home definitely has its advantages. Especially when the person you’re dating is working from home that day as well and wants to have lunch. A big point in Christopher’s favor is that he lives a short walk from my place, though his office is moving, so possibly before the end of the year he’ll be working closer to me than he currently lives. Weird.

I’m also no longer a Quizno’s virgin, those are some damn good subs. But I can’t make a habit of them, kinda pricy.

Hopefully Christopher and I will be able to spend some alone time together soon, we haven’t really done anything horridly romantic since we became exclusive. That could just be a nice dinner out, or a weekend trip somewhere or who knows. Timing has conspired against us, he’s a very busy person at times. I sometimes wish I had more “things to do” during the week, but then I also enjoy my “me” time. Last night I watched ‘Talk to Her’. Excellent film. It’s the first rented movie in a long time that I actually scowled when someone called and I had to hit pause. Speaking of which, damn if those TiVo commercials aren’t looking really good lately.

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